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David Stoner Health provides multiple tiers of coverage to suit your individual or family needs.


Very similar to your typical group plan, only we place you in a group of over 1.7 Million other individuals with similar individuals, using an association to hold it all together. While this can mirror a group built around a small business, this is very often FAR MORE AFFORDABLE.


This is another way to look at the idea of catastrophic coverage in a Major PPO network. A fantastic way to save money and keep you and your family safe with, optional low Max Out of Pockets.


On and Off Exchange plans, designed to keep your family safe regardless of health history.


At only $89 a month, this is a great way to keep your family or your business covered for accidents at a remarkably low rate.

Additional options outside of our simplified tiers

  • ACA/Marketplace Enrollment on exchange with Subsidy assistance for low income families
  • ACA/Marketplace Enrollment - Off Exchange
  • Full Coverage, Private underwritten plans with low max out of pockets on a national, major PPO network.
  • Short-term Medical coverage (United, Cigna & Aetna Networks)
  • Small & Medium Group plans for small businesses to offer their employees (Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Networks)
  • Dental &/or Vision insurance
  • Supplemental Accident Coverage &/or Critical Illness
  • Life insurance

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Been here before?

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Limits of Balance:


Been here before?

Review your quotes.

The DSH Process

We simplify getting coverage
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After scheduling a call, you will enjoy a painless and pressure free, 15 minute discovery call to make sure we custom build the plan that’s exactly right for you, your business or your family. You will have all the time you need to examine the plan options presented to you.


Once you decide the plan and insurance company that’s right for you, another simple 15 minute call is scheduled for your application process. As we will be representing you throughout the entirety of the plan, we do the application together and it is typically sent in by us via our telephone and screen share application process.


Once the application is completed and the insurance company has accepted you into their program, you will not only have your HID agent’s support at any time, but you will be assigned your own personal customer service liaison. We humbly request that our clients do not call insurance companies. It is our pleasure to wait on hold for you, watch your back, and ensure doctors/hospitals/insurance & pharmaceutical companies also have your best interest at heart.

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David Stoner has been providing quality service since 1997 and will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Everyone needs effective and affordable health insurance. Let us do the analysis to figure out what plan is the best deal for you. We can uncover a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Our agents have put together a comprehensive list of all of our Frequently Asked Questions, so that you can find all of the information in one place.

?What is a health insurance advisor?

A health insurance advisor is typically an individual, who has access to multiple carriers and plans. A great health insurance advisor will listen to your situation, discuss all of your options with you, and let you choose what best fits you and your family.

?Is my information secure with DSH, and can I trust your quotes?

David Stoner Health is licensed and insured to provide you a safe, and professional experience. We never sell, share, or publish your information with any third parties. Your information is safe, secure, and only used to show real, viable products with carriers you've heard of before.

?Is setting up health insurance simple?

Although health insurance can be complex, it can be made simple if speaking with a licensed professional who can break things down in an easy to understand way. All health insurance will have similar terms like, deductible, co-insurance, co-pays and max out of pocket. DSH Health is known for breaking down plans in their simplest terms to make sure you understand exactly what you are paying for and how your plan works.

?How much will my health insurance cost?

Health insurance cost can vary depending on a few factors, such as age, zip code and income. To figure out what is most cost-effective for you, it is important to get in contact with an agent that is licensed in your state and has access to all the plans on and off the marketplace. David Stoner Health takes an educational approach, making every client an expert in the health insurance world, and showing them all of their options to choose from.

?How can I get more affordable health insurance?

Affordable health insurance is attainable typically through income based subsidized or private underwritten plans. A principle we stress at DSH is obtaining affordable insurance, not "cheap" insurance. Because cheap insurance is the most expensive insurance when something bad happens. With our agents having access to all public and private options, we are experts at finding individuals and families affordable health coverage.

?Why would people prefer to us a health insurance agency?

A health insurance agency is a group of agents that work under a company to sell insurance products to consumers. David Stoner Health is an independent agency that provides access to a range of health insurance products from multiple carriers in one place. With David Stoner Health, you can choose from a wider range of carriers.

?How do I know which health insurance agent is best for me?

Health insurance agents are licensed salespeople who represent one or more insurance companies. They are licensed to sell in certain states, and can’t charge you any fees for assisting you in obtaining health insurance for you and your family. Captive agents are agents that represent only one insurance carrier/company; meaning they work exclusively for that one company. These agents represent their company, not their clients. They can only sell you coverage that their one company offers.Here at David Stoner Health, we don’t have any captive agents; meaning we represent you, not the tens of companies we service for. This ensures that we will find the best coverage for you, your family, and your business’ unique situation.

?What is underwritten health insurance?

Underwritten health insurance involves an application process where the insurance company will look at you and your family’s medical and prescription history. If you’re able to get approved through that process, not only can you get a plan with a nationwide PPO, but it often is more affordable than other health insurance options because you are put into a network of other healthy individuals and families.

?What does it mean to have a Family Plan?

A Family health insurance is a plan that covers any members in your household. Most family plans have a family deductible & Out of Pocket Max which may result in a lot of savings when you have a larger family size than 1-2 members.

What family members can be on your family health insurance plan? Spouse and your dependents under the age of 24-26 (dependent upon your state of residence). For instance, if you're married without any children or dependents, your family plan would really just be for the two of you.

If you had a spouse and 6 kids (under ages 24-26), your plan would cover your family of 8. If you get family health insurance through an employer, they’ll more than likely use the term “employee plus family.” This will work the same way for your family as what is stated above.

?What does a Nationwide PPO mean?

Nationwide PPO is typically the term used for a health insurance plan that has a large enough network to cover you across the country, not just in a smaller local network, like an HMO, for example. When looking at health insurance options, obtaining a nationwide PPO would give you access to more providers and specialists in your area and across the country without any requirements of needing referrals to see specialists.

? What do 'short terms' mean when it comes to health insurance?

Short terms are health plans with a limited duration designed to bridge a gap between longer-term plans and are exempt from most insurance regulations and not required to provide coverage for all health issues. Also referred to as Short-term or limited-duration insurance. Short terms are best known for underwriting at the point of a claim, meaning when a claim happens they go digging through your medical records looking for a reason not to cover you. The attraction is typically the low price, however people don't realize there are plans that are comparable in price that have to cover your claims.

?What are multiplans in the world of health insurance?

Multi-plans are Limited-benefit plans that are primarily designed to supplement comprehensive health care policies, not to replace them. They do not provide comprehensive coverage.

?What is the Marketplace?

Marketplace health insurance also referred to as On-Exchange, ACA or “Obamacare”, is a federal based insurance program that partners with private insurance carriers to provide income based pricing and coverage for all US citizens and residents. The Affordable Care Act implemented coverage standards that prevent insurers from discriminating against applicants or charging them higher plan premiums - based on preexisting conditions or gender.


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